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Japanese Quality Tires



1UTES HB is one of the world’s leading suppliers of used passenger car and LT tyres. We offer wholesale prices on the highest quality used tyres and retreads from Osaka, Kobe and Yokohama, in a broad range of popular sizes to fit almost any vehicle.


2We are committed to ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality tyres possible – your satisfaction is our priority. We’re also committed to forming mutually advantageous partnerships with businesses around the world. We have partners in Pakistan, the UAE and Afghanistan already, and we understand the tyre needs of customers in international areas.


3We also offer a very different partnership experience than what you’ll find with most other companies. We offer a quick, no-hassle process. Once we receive your list of tyre sizes and the quantity of each needed, we contact you and complete the purchase agreement. Once that is completed, we ship your tyres – no lengthy inquiry times, no hassles with lengthy formalities.


4UTES HB provides what we promise. Your satisfaction and long-term business are our goals, and to that end we guarantee all of our tyres without excuses. You’ll appreciate our unparalleled commitment to transparency, efficient communication and fast shipping.